How does YouMap®protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it.

We’re constantly working to ensure strong security, protect your privacy, and make YouMap® even more effective and efficient for you.

How can I remove information about myself from YouMap® search results?

YouMap® search results are a reflection of the content publicly available on the web. Search engines can’t remove content directly from websites, so removing search results from YouMap® wouldn’t remove the content from the web. If you want to remove something from the web, you should contact the webmaster of the site the content is posted on and ask him or her to make a change. Once the content has been removed and YouMap® has noted the update, the information will no longer appear in YouMap® search results. If you have an urgent removal request, you can also visit our help page for more information.

How can I contact YouMap® if I have a privacy question or complaint?

You can contact us at any time through our privacy contact form.